Re-Engineering the U.S. Economy

This is the third in a series explaining the broad implications of civilization’s “fifth techno-economic revolution,” which is certainly the pivotal event in our lifetime. Specifically, we’re now in the midst of the most difficult transition within that revolution. As with prior techno-economic revolutions, the end result will be a better life for more people; but it will not prove painless and beneficial for everyone in the short run. There will be clear winners and losers. The financial crisis of 2008 and the subsequent Great Recession were exacerbated by efforts to protect the “established order” while building the “new order.” Unsustainable consumer and government financial leverage was encouraged by policies designed to ease the pain of the transition. Now, nearly everyone sees that America must put its house in order and embrace the ongoing techno-economic revolution if it’s not going to be supplanted by other nations. Fortunately, most of the pieces are falling into place to make this economic re-engineering possible. How is this likely to happen? What are the implications? How can you make the most of it? We’ll address these questions and provide a broad framework for interpreting other trends going forward

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