Digitization Enables the Deep Transformation of Our Society

As explained in prior issues, the United States now stands at the beginning of the Deployment phase of the fifth techno-economic revolution. That means information technology is becoming deeply embedded in every aspect of work and life. This goes well beyond simply using computers, social media, and e-commerce on the Internet. Business processes that once took place among human beings are now being executed electronically. They are taking place in an unseen domain that is strictly digital. Most importantly, much of the information technology in our lives is now “taken for granted,” like riding in a car or reaching into the refrigerator for a cool drink. The reduction of so much of information technology to commodity status is causing a dramatic shift in profitability. At the same time, it is causing a revolution every bit as important and dramatic as that created by the railroads in the 19th century. In short, we’re quietly creating the frictionless, digital economy that many of us have been waiting more than 25 years to realize. This revolution is paving the way to a new era of bio-engineering and nanotechnology. What are the implications? How is it likely to play out — and what do you need to know to make the most of it? We’ll show you. 

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