Decade of Depression or Resurgence – 2011 to 2020

The United States went through a wrenching economic depression in the 1930s that shaped a whole generation of Americans.  Beginning in 1990, Japan went through a similarly painful crisis that lasted even longer. Now, experts are making the case that a confluence of demography, technology, psychology, and government policy has set the stage for another “great depression.”  Most of these forecasts are easily debunked. But The Great Depression Ahead by Harry S. Dent, Jr., is not so easily refuted.  In fact, it presents a well-thought-out argument for a dire, but realistic, scenario. The question is not whether Dent’s vision could come to pass, but whether entrepreneurs, policymakers, and consumers will make the decisions necessary to ensure that a more attractive scenario for the next 10 years is realized.  The Trends editors will examine this unfolding reality.  Developing the right answers to the questions we address here could determine the success or failure of your investments, your company, and your career. 

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