Artificial Intelligence Could Revolutionize R&D and Innovation

AI’s chief impact on civilization might not be driverless automobiles, image search, speech recognition, or flying cars, but its ability to come up with new inventions to fuel innovation itself.  Research shows that investments in research are climbing rapidly, but the payoffs are staying constant.  Experts found that it takes more than 18 times as many researchers to double chip density today as it did in the early 1970s.  Similarly, the research yield for agricultural seeds, as measured by increasing crop yields, is dropping by around 5% each year.  And, for the broader U.S economy, research yield is declining by 5.3% a year.  Could artificial intelligence be the solution to this problem?  In which fields of research is AI expected to have the biggest near-term pay-offs?  And, how will this impact our affluence and quality of life?  We’ll show you.

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