America Waits for the 2020 Election Results

In a republic, elections largely define the institutions which enable or impede change, which is typically driven by demography, technology, and human behavior.  Most elections represent incremental, evolutionary steps along a path.  However, at certain points in history, an election can irreversibly change the course of history.  One such election occurred in 1864, another is underway in 2020.  Given the uncertainty and disruption created by such pivotal elections, managers, investors, and consumers can potentially misread threats as well as opportunities. Rather than being paralyzed by fear, uncertainty, and doubt, each of us needs to objectively assess the situation and act accordingly.  To do so, we need to answer several key questions, such as: What are the economy and the stock market telling us about the 2020 election?  What does the election itself portend for the economy and the stock market?  And what should investors, managers, and consumers do while waiting for the results?  We’ll provide the answers you need.

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